Danubius University

Richterova č. 1171

925 21 Sládkovičovo

Slovak Republic

tel : +421 31 773 28 11

Special awards


Rector of the Danubius University can award individuals and institutions a medal due to the contribution in the development of the university, research, education, academic freedom and academic contacts with other institutions.

"Professor Emeritus"

The professor emeritus of the VŠD can be awarded by the Rector on a proposal of the Scientific Council of the VŠD in accordance with the Higher Education Act for significant contribution in the field of science or art and education to a professor older than 70 years.

"Doctor Honoris Causa"

The Scientific Council of the VŠD award the title "doctor honoris causa" to important domestic and foreign personalities. The candidate for the title "doctor honoris causa" is entitled to propose the chairman of the Scientific Council of the VŠD and the Deans of the respective faculties of the VŠD (Rector's Directive 8/2014).