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New Work Programs Horizon 2020

Dear colleagues,

let us inform you about new work programs for Horizon 2020.

To date, all should be published on the European Commission's "Participant Portal",

Disseminating excellence and increasing participation (Twinning, Teaming, ERAchair ...)

Science with Society and for Society (Topics: Science education, gender equality in research, citizen science ...)

Europe in a Changing World - Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies (Themes: migration, socioeconomic and cultural transformations, governance ...)

The European Commission has also launched a very interesting and relatively transparent Horizon 2020 statistics with functional search and filtering. However, you must be registered in the "Participant Portal". You can find it by logging in the top bar under the name "Projects & Results", under this link, when you log in, it will give you more options (country project number statistics, number of successful projects, etc.).

We wish a lot of success in your projects.