Danubius University

Richterova č. 1171

925 21 Sládkovičovo

Slovak Republic

tel : +421 31 773 28 11

About Us

Danubius University (DU) in Sládkovičovo is active in the Slovak field of higher education for more than two decades. At present it has three faculties – Faculty of Law (FPJJ), a Faculty of social studies (FSŠ) and a Faculty of public policy and public administration (FVPVS). The university has obtained the accreditation for these study programmes- law, public policy and public administration, international relations and social studies.

Our philosophy is to support students with high-quality education at a standard European level, as we are aware that the financial situation of our youth is difficult and many are often hindered by enormous costs in regards to accommodation and subsistence expenses. Current science and technology achievements have already made it possible for young people not to leave the country in order to get educated at high level through e-learning or distance learning.

The school also comes with a social support program offering 10 students from socially deprived students for financial assistance who will have free education at our school. To obtain a free study it is needed to provide the required documentation, the list of which is published on the school's website. Our school is aware of the need to provide education to young people from socially deprived families, including enormous educational potential.

The high level of education at DU also shows a wide range of possibilities for study abroad through scholarship programs such as Erasmus + and Ceepus. Our school has a broad international cooperation and prepares the possibility of obtaining double diplomas abroad. It goes without saying to issue a bilingual diploma.

New collaboration with Mondo International Academy creates new opportunities for DU students. We have created a parallel learning system for you! In addition to study at the DU, it is also possible to obtain an MBA, LLM or MPA degree.

DU is a school where a collegiate, highly professional approach is fully accepted. The state-of-the-art teaching methods, which are supported by current achievements of science and technology, are applied in the educational process. Our pedagogical and academic staff is well experienced and tested by working in many Slovak as well as foreign educational institutions.