Danubius University

Richterova č. 1171

925 21 Sládkovičovo

Slovak Republic

tel : +421 31 773 28 11

Research and Project Center of Danubius University

As an organizational part of Danubius University, Danubius University established the Research and Project Center of Danubius University (VPC DU). VPC is headquartered at Danubius University. VPC DU is not a legal entity. VPC DU:
  • coordinates, manages, and approves research and project activities obtained through project calls.
  • manages the Danubius University's internal scientific grant agency (VEIGA).
  • proposes a strategy for the development of education, science, and research at Danubius University.
  • organizes domestic and international scientific conferences in order to disseminate scientific research.
Further information can be found in the statute and rules of procedure of the DU research and project center.
prof. Ing. Peter Plavčan, CSc.
The President
Dr. habil. JUDr. Rastislav Funta, Ph.D., LL.M.
Internal members of the commission for research and project activities:
prof. JUDr. Jozef Kralik, CSc., MBA. – Dean (Faculty of Law)
doc. PhDr. Petronela Sebestova, PhD., MPH. - Dean (Faculty of Social Science)
doc. PhDr et. Mgr. Peter Ondria, PhD. - Dean (Faculty of Public Policy and Public Administration)
prof. PhDr. Monika Čambaliková, Ph.D. - Faculty of Public Policy and Public Administration
doc. JUDr. Podhorec, PhD. Faculty of Law
Ing. Rauf Gusejnov - Quaestor
Beáta Podolská (DU Secretary)

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