Danubius University

Richterova č. 1171

925 21 Sládkovičovo

Slovak Republic

tel : +421 31 773 28 11


On the basis of the Erasmus University Charter, the DU continues in student and pedagogical mobility through the Erasmus + program 2014-2020.

ERASMUS + is the new EU Education Program which promotes cooperation and mobility in all areas of education, training and sport and youth. It is the successor of the Lifelong Learning Program, the Youth in Action Program, and others.
Study at a foreign higher education institution in a program or partner country
- 3-12 months
- solely on the basis of an interinstitutional agreement between the sending (DU) and the receiving higher education institution involved in the Erasmus + program.
Practical internship in a foreign enterprise or organization in a programming country
- 2-12 months
- on the basis of a tripartite agreement between the student, the sending institution (DU) and the recipient organization / enterprise - outside the SR and outside the country of residence of the student.
More about ERASMUS+ can be found under this link