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Lectiones magistrales

The Danubius University has prepared lectures of prominent personalities of Slovak and world science within the Lectiones magistrales cycle.

The Lecturees magistrales cycle was opened by a Russian professor, Vladimir Kozin, a member and correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, about "New Cold War and the strengthening of European security."

Followed by a lecture by Professor Luis Britto García, of Venezuela's Central University of Economics and Business, about "Economic and Social Development of Venezuela in the Co-operation of Latin America at the Threshold of the 3rd Millennium"

Lecture by professor Stanislav Vaclavovich Morozov, historian at the Department of History of South and Western Slavs at the Historical Faculty of the Moscow State University, about the Behavioral Mechanisms of Geopolitics in Modern History.

Professor Georgi Nikolaevich Cagolov's economist and publicist lecture on the topic: Where does the Russia's economic model goes? Problems of the Russian economy and integration, analysis of current economic models.

Dear students, teachers and school friends, Danubius University prepares further lectures for you and invite you all cordially.