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Approved projects

Based on the decision of the Executive board of Danubius, s.r.o. University and the decision of the Rector of Danubius University (DU) on February 25, 2014, the Scientific and Educational Internal Grant Agency (SEIGA) has been established with the intention to provide financial support for science, research and educational activities of the organizational units of Danubius University.
SEIGA publishes the requirements for submission of applications for financial contributions for science development at DU, it evaluates the submitted projects and it is responsible for efficient spending of the funds intended to support science, research and educational activities at DU.

Approved projects

The list of approved projects for the year 2017:

  • Development of unemployment in Galanta district in the period of 2015-2017 (Analysis of the selected statistical data including division by months, quarters and years)
  • The first genocide of the 20th century ( German South-west Africa 1904 - 1907)
  • Court ruling outside of the main hearing
  • Analysis of loyalty rebates in competition law
  • Possible development trends of political, economic, legal and social relations in the European Union in 2017
  • The influence of demographic changes on the employment policy in the Slovak Republic in the context of the possibility of increasing of public administration efficiency
  • Digitalization and its impact on the electronic form of governance conducted by public authorities (e-government act)
  • Leisure activities as prevention against social-pathological phenomena in children and adolescents
  • Empirical political analysis of general and specific characteristics of the existing political regimes. (Transitological processes)
  • The ongoing economic recession or depression in geopolitical area. (Causes and consequences of the existing and potential economic crises)
  • Simulation of possible development scenarios and their consequences in the ongoing mass migration of population

The list of approved projects for the year 2016:

  • The relationship between majority and minority in the legislation of colonies    
  • The importance of electronic monitoring for the convicted perpetrators and its effect on cost-effective criminal proceedings             
  • Resolution of disputes in international law: development trends and current challenges                   
  • Modern theories of international relations (The theory of regional security complexes - practical application)                          
  • Public policies and models of the territorial organization of the V4 countries.                  
  • Innovative approaches in the management of public administration organizations in the context of increasing of the quality of the public services provided                                                                                                
  • Selected specifics of the Slovak labour market today and its social context                                                                               
  • Social philosophy for social workers                     
  • Dialogue of cultural and religious rationality in Europe. Looking for solutions to the problem of religious extremism                         
  • Justice and reconciliation and the position of a family in the conflict of cultures from the viewpoint of ethics and social work         
  • Revitalisation of the media centre                              
  • Professional competences (knowledge, skills) of a journalist in local media                                               
  • External quality assessment

The list of approved projects for the year 2015:

  • Political (in)competence in public policy
  • Slovak language as a second language II. (Slovak language for everyone 2)
  • Health as a human right - selected problems of the implementation of the European health policy at regional level
  • Applied ethics (international contexts and functionality of science)
  • External communication in the field of journalism
  • Looking for ethically suitable solutions to modern problems of biomedical research
  • Perspectives and trends in the development of the population ageing process through the eyes of the V4 countries
  • Profession: journalist of local and regional media
  • Journalism for the blind
  • Philosophy of living and thinking of the ethnic Roma and community work as the underestimated factors in the solution to Roma issues.
  • Public policies of selected countries
  • Comparative analysis of political systems of selected countries
  • Fundamental political science
  • Abrahamic religions
  • Criminal law protection of financial interests of the European Union
  • Prohibition of the use of force in international relations
  • Family law judicial system and recasting of civil proceedings

The list of approved projects for the year 2014:

  • Ethical values of students
  • Slovak language as a second language
  • Preparation of a digital textbook for financial law
  • Commercial law - separate legal sector in the process of recasting of private law in Slovakia
  • Digitalization and its impact on the electronic form of governance conducted by public authorities (E-government Act)
  • Laboratory for preparation and teaching of projects financed from the structural funds
  • Digital textbook: Introduction to theory and history of social work
  • System of ensuring of DU quality based on the EFQM model
  • Client aggressiveness in the experience of public administration employees
  • Political system of the Slovak Republic - theory and practice
  • Client aggressiveness in the experience of public administration employees 

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