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Aims & scope

Forum of Foreign Languages, Politology and International Relations is peer to peer reviewed scholarly journal published on CD-ROM by Danubius University. It was established in 2009 under the title Forum of Foreign Languages as non-impact journal. In 2017 new section of politology and international relations was added.

The journal aims to be open platform for publishing the innovatiove results based on theoretical, applied and empirical research in the fields of linguistics, politology and international relations. Sharing the research results and experience of Slovak and foreign contributors are in the focus of the journal editors. The scope of target spreads to academics active in tertiary education and research institutes.

The journal is published twice a year and it published studies, academic articles and polemical articles, and reviews. It is divided into two sections: Linguistics and the field of politology and international relations. Language of the publication is English or other for liguistics and English for politology and international relations.

Journal is published twice a year, deadlines for submissions are 31st May and 30th November.